Please type the product that you want us to use for your samples. If we are not able to find it we will refund you with in 10 business days

A custom work of art will be the only one of its kind just for you.

Please fill in the “enter product here” potion and select how many samples you would like the artist to create for you.   Then you may select one or all of the samples to be produced in one of a kind art.

In the future we may offer sample kits.

If what you have selected is under $50… We will buy it and produce the samples from what you have requested (we reserve the right to finish any beverages we purchase for you ).

Please allow up to 30 days for the artist to provide you with your selection by email.  The prices for the finished art range from $5000.00 to $7575.00.  We reserve the right for any samples not purchased as art to add them to our selection.

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3 Samples, 6 Samples